Monday, April 2, 2012

A stamp and nappy liners

A fabric ATC today.  Tree stamped on cotton fabric with homemade stamp.  Embellished with silver charms and painting with gold acrylic.  Satin stitched edge (Yes!)

I picked this leaf in the garden today.  It is from a plant called soapwort.  I brought it inside and made my own version, which I quilted, then cut the batting away underneath, then tacked the excess fabric around to the back.

Continuing on from the cellofoil experiments,  I was thinking about the nappy liners and decided to experiment with them.  I like to use them as sheer overlays that can be heat distressed.
I  ironed the liner to baking paper, but it didn't stick very well.  I painted it anyway.
Most of the paint went straight through.  This is the liner on it's own.
But the baking paper was gogeous!  I can certainly find a use for this!
next I tried ironing the liner to freezer paper.  It coloured really well, but as you can see, it didn't come off particularly well.
The effect on the freezer paper was pretty interesting.
Next, I tried ironing the liner to waxed paper (which I scrunched up first, then flattened out. I did this with the freezer paper as well)  The liner stuck, and I got some good colour on the liner, although in places, the liner was stuck to the waxed paper, but nothing like the freezer paper.
But I really liked the distressed look of the waxed paper afterwards.
I wonder what would happen if I used a temporary glue to attach the liners?
hmmmm..... another day.