Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas break?

I have not blogged for several weeks, although I have been working on my current projects and a couple of new ones.  I have just been a bit camera shy - or perhaps lazy in taking pictures.  I am suffereing from a rotten dose of hay fever and sinus, due to our normal pre Christmas weather - that is two days hot, two days freezing and so on, but instead of having a whinge, I thought I might just post some of the journal pages I have been doing for The Chrismas Chronicles - a journaling workshop at Rhomany's realm. Which I have been partaking in.

Here is my cover, on which I learned NOT to use hairspray on water soluble oil pastels, lol.

The theme for this unfinished page - which I scanned and used for my christmas cards, was HOLLY.

The theme for this page was IVY and I extended it a bit to be "the holly and the ivy"

The theme for this page was STAR.

The theme for this page was ROBIN, but the page is not quite finished.

Obviously, the theme for this page was ANGEL.
And this page was about FAITH.

I am sort of using a vintage Christmassy sort of theme, and using lots of postcards from The graphics fairy as my inspirations.
Hope you all have a lovely christmas, religious or not, and I will take a break and be back about the 14th January.