Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back to work!

I have just posted my Tangles textiles challenge piece here.   Only half the group have posted so far, but some great work there.  Make sure you have a look in the next day or two here.
In the next few days, I intend to blog my whole process for this piece in one post.
I have been doing a fair bit of stitching and have three new stitch squares for Art Every Day Month.

And here are squares 1 to 25 up on my design wall!
Now, originally, I began this as a challenge for November at Creative every day.
But yesterday, there was a guest post by Anne Lange on Julie Balzer's blog, about stitching 4 inch squares and using stencils as a basis for stitching.  This post really inspired me and I am dying to read the second half of the post.  I want now to continue my challenge for December and incorporate the stencils!  Have a look at Anne's site.  It is wonderful!

Today is Tuesday.  Normally on Tuesday,I spend most of my time at quilt group and don't get much done, but today we are having a day off as most of us have appointments and errands.
So, I am at home, very unusual.  I can now easily join the  T for tuesday gang!
I thought today, we might have our cup of tea as part of breakfast in bed (in the doll's house, that is!)
Also, I have done a bit more work on the owl painting I started a couple of weeks ago, here.
 I am doing this as a project for a craftsy class, painting wildlife in mixed media with tutor  Sharlena Wood.  I am really enjoying this process.  You can find the source image, which is cc licensed by photographer Matt Knoth, here.  Obviously, this is just for my own purposes and will not be for sale.
This class has given me a renewed interest in pastels, which I used to paint with quite often.

Quite a long post, but Happy Creating!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Here are another four of my stitched squared for AEDM.

I am beginning to get quite a collection of these and they are looking great together.

As usual, I am working hard at my Tangled Textiles piece at the last moment!  This piece, is turning out to have a lot of beading, which is what I have been busy with in the last few days.  The link above is to my last update, but I will be posting my final finish on Tuesday morning Australian time.

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

five days later

As well as being bogged down with deadlines and work, I have also been a little under the weather.  Everyone here is suffering from massive hay fever because the weather is so up and down that things are flowering and re flowering and I also am having a few problems with it, so that is why I have been a bit absent.

But I am keeping up with my AEDM challenge!
Here are my latest five stitch squares.
And close ups (click to enlarge)

And just so I can drop over and say hello over at T for Tuesday,
Here is a tiny tea scene of my doll's house things.  They are currently residing in a bookcase until their new home is finished!  By the way, the wooden sugar bowl was made by my husband and the lid actually comes off, it is smaller than one of the keys on your computer keyboard!

Happy creating!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 13 of AEDM

Amazing that I have actually made it to day 13!
Here are my last two stitched squares for the challenge.
I think I will still add something to the paisleys in the left one.  They are really starting to mount up on my design wall.
I have got a bit behind with other things, because I have been working on my Tangled Textiles challenge, which was due on the 16th, but I think will now be due on the 24th.  Luckily so, because I am teaching a workshop on Saturday and have to have lots of bits and pieces ready for our christmas stall on sunday. (And of course as usual, I haven't done anything much!)
I have posted about my progress here.  But here is a little peek
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tiny tea

I missed posting yesterday, because I had an exciting delivery.
More later on that, but I did get a little done.
My stitched squares for AEDM.
And I also did these bees today at quit group.
They are on one of my crazy quilt blocks for CQJP.  I am a few months behind after my awful winter! But I am catching up.

This is my latest journal page, which took a few days
It is for Art Journal Journey and is my take on Klimt for the inspired by the masters theme.

Here is the daily drawing I am currently working on.  It is taking me a while to do.

And finally, For Elizabeth and her gang over at T for tuesday
My teacup for today.  It's a very blurry picture, isn't it?  That is because this tea cup is less than an inch high!  And the reason I am showing this tea cup?  Because the delivery I go yesterday was most of the furniture and things for a doll's house my husband is building for me!  So I haven't been playing truant, I have been playing with doll's houses!.

Happy creating!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

And now for something completely different

Or maybe not so different if you have known me for a while.
Today, I decided to have a day off and play with my Gelli plate.
Here is my gelli plate and palette and space for cleaning off my brayer.
And behind me I have paper set out in piles and I also have Joan Bess' Gelli Printing book open.
I planned to go through the book page by page.....
These are bits of card that I covered with excess from the gelli plate.
These are baby wipes from cleaning up.  I can never bear to throw them out!
And a drying rack covered in prints!
As I said, I intended to go through Joan's book technique by technique, but I only got to the third technique!
Here are some of the prints.

These were very basic prints with the exception of the second last, leaf shape print.  the leaf print showed what I spent a lot of time on - painting onto the plate!
I painted this with a credit card.  For all of the painting on the plate, I added glazing medium to the paint to give it more open time.
This was my first effort with a paint brush.
And my second.
And my third.  This one I did after lunch, being inspired by a yellow tailed black cockatoo which we saw (and heard) out the window when we sat down to lunch.  It was very freeing to have to work fast instead of putting lots of detail in as I would in a painting.
So I had a very creative day!

I even got my stitched square done for Art Every Day Month.

Happy Creating!