Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After a time

I have been away for a bit, then ill and now am trying to get quilts ready for the PNPQ show on sat.  I have been working on more irish crochet.

This is my star flower from needlecraft 21 From APL figure 8 directions on page 7 and the picture is on page 8.

I did not check or even think about it being US or UK and just started in US.  That is why the middle is so large.  I soon realised then changed to UK.  Silly me.

This is a rose from Mdlle Riego crochet 4  page 14  This one was going well, but the chains in the last two rows need to be  inceased as it was cupping badly, also I would attach the chans in the back, not the top, to give better dimension
I will probably have another go at these two tonight at quilting.

Also, have been looking at  a lot of irish and thinking about my WM project.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rolling rolling rolling

seem to have got the clones knot, worked on the roll stitch
first I used the red thread from yesterday, about pearl 8;
the main problem here is the width of the loops which is due to the needle having a very thick middle compared to the 1mm head

here, the body (bottom) is more like a 2.5  (top).  This is why the roll/crotat needles help I suppose.  The top needle is a 2.5 tunisian.  I used this with a thicker thread
and I could easily get ten loops on.  I have been pulling the  yo loop tight against the crevice in the hook.
 this pic from a great site called pattern making
  The trick for me appears to be more about manipulating the hook and loop through the others.  These rolls are more relative in width to the overall fabric than the earlier ones.
OK, so thes are my clones samples.  The top one is using yarn and was pretty good so tried thread, however
not very even and very difficult to use.  I always have problems with this thread, don't know why I don't throw it out.  The bottom sample is using much better thread and I am very pleased with the consistency and the ease of use.

you think I would learn, using the rotten thread here are my roll stitches.  Not very good.  will try with better thread.

getting the stitches down

worked on library
tried clones knot
in two APL books, language quite complicated, looked up on net
you tube Maire treanor doing knot, beginning is not clear enough
annemkell's video is clearer
I looked at a new blog, which was lovely, but not too hhelpful
but the following simple diagram was best
 Clones Knot
Ch 6, * thread over, swing hook forward and down and thread over under ch, bring hook forward and up again, repeat from * 4 times, working over the last 3 ch sts (work loosely)-10 lps on hook, thread over and draw through the lp on hook, pulling tight, sl st in ch at base of knot (the third st of ch 6).

Shown in November, 1957 WorkBasket.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is simply my work diary, it is not really for anyone except me.  I'm sure you can find more interesting blog to look at.
worked on wiliam morris, carnation and calyx and stems
Need to use correct needle and good yarn.  look at WM in NP and use to predict stitches
roll stitch sample, if not working try less rolls or larger needle
this is with 6 rolls

special techniques and stitches p138 edging flower garden walkway
began motif in scraps

practice magic square. finshed small made into a cute purse
Tony did like this little 2" purse
Also in wasabis, a 20" by 4-5 row strip folded -try this
Teapot cosies - look at patters in Tea time brochure and modify