Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After a time

I have been away for a bit, then ill and now am trying to get quilts ready for the PNPQ show on sat.  I have been working on more irish crochet.

This is my star flower from needlecraft 21 From APL figure 8 directions on page 7 and the picture is on page 8.

I did not check or even think about it being US or UK and just started in US.  That is why the middle is so large.  I soon realised then changed to UK.  Silly me.

This is a rose from Mdlle Riego crochet 4  page 14  This one was going well, but the chains in the last two rows need to be  inceased as it was cupping badly, also I would attach the chans in the back, not the top, to give better dimension
I will probably have another go at these two tonight at quilting.

Also, have been looking at  a lot of irish and thinking about my WM project.