Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not really doing nothing!

As I said, I have actually been really quite busy,  A trip  to Queensland that made me ill again! (although I quite enjoyed the wedding, I suffered from extreme nausea most of the time I was away and for a while when I came home!)  Then I visited my Mother at the seaside for a few days.  Our Quilt Group had a market day, for which I made a few things and forgot to photograph, sorry.
But now Christmas is over and I have settled back into work.
I am having an exhibition locally in June and have started getting my work all mounted and framed.
Here are a few I finished mounting this week.
Some of these are from a while ago, and some are quite recent.  Obviously, this is my main objective for the next few months, as well as actually finding somewhere to store them!

I have been doing quite a lot of crochet over the last few weeks.
This is the beginning of "Eolande Shawlette" from the Summer 2014 edition of Interweave Crochet. I think this one will take quite a while to finish.

This is a large part of the Rivulene Shawl from The new tunisian by Dora Ohrenstein.  I am really looking forward to finishing this one and am enjoying doing it!
This is the multi motif scarf, which is a red heart pattern I heard about in a video - Crochet Me Workshop: Crochet Corner, Basics and Beyond with Kristin Omdahl.  This is one of those just for fun type patterns that is just nice to do.

I have also been doing some hand work.
These are two sides of a scissor fob I made using a pattern by Mary Corbet on the Craftsy Blog.  I am really finding embroidery very enjoyable at the moment. especially circles.  You might remember these shisha circles I started before christmas.
I have also been working on a free motion embroidered layered piece.
I am really liking how this looks. I have not added a picture for T for Tuesday , but as you might have guessed everything is my cup of tea today!  Go over and visit over at Elizabeth's page, where she is having a 2014 retrospective.