Monday, April 27, 2015

Ships that pass in the night

I have been thinking long and hard about my blog and have been unable to dismiss it, even though i have been using instagram regularly as well as a few facebook groups, but finally i realised that sometimes, a post is necessary. 
I have several streams of work going at present
One hundred faces on facebook and instagram, where the challenge is to do 100 faces in the hopes of improving and fiinding a style.
One hundred artworks challenge on facebook and instagram, which is about concentrating on something long enough to make 100 pieces, again in hopes of improving, finding style, and also digging deeper into the topic.  For this one, I am doing layered gelli prints with the theme of leaves which i sometimes embellish and also periodically print on fabric, particularly when i am happy with a set and these i stitch and embellish.
One hundred day project on instagram, which i am behind in by about four or five days (but i don't think it really matters if life gets in the way) there are an huge number of participants on instagram, doing a variety of somethings, from a photo, to an inchie, to a thumbnail, lots of things.  I am, in an effort to improve my digital drawing skills, doing a quick digital sketch each day

And working on finishing the pieces i started in my workshops at AQC on the 15-19th with two tutors 
Ro bruhn

And caroline  sharkey

As well as all the other usual suspects, art journaling, stitching, etc.  

Soon i am going to start posting my WIP finishes weekly. I need to get lots finished for an exhibition later this year.  I'm calling it 52 finishes.  We will see!