Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Warming up

The weather is starting to warm up here.  We have had a couple of very warm days, but it will still be cold on and off until Christmas.  But that is not the reason for the title of the post.  It is because I have been doing a lot of warming up collages and bits.  Here are a few.
And, yes, I know there is a spelling mistake in the last one.  These are just warm ups, not real pages, and even if they were - perfection is overrated.
And, speaking of imperfection, this journal page is a great example.  I wrote the writing with a stick dipped in ink!  It was inspired by the Art Journal Wisdom free course running over at Dirty Footprint Studios.  It is nearly finished, but you can scroll back to the earlier days.
Today was my quilting day, so I have been out gassbagging most of the day, but it is also T for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog, where she is celebrating 30 paintings in 30 days!, so here is a little  T-spiration for you from my journal!
Happy creating!

Friday, September 26, 2014

another day

Here's a peek at my morning's work today.
The start of a new textile collage.  Some of you may remember I put together a fabric collage a day earlier in the year and this is what my intentions are with them.  I have more than 100 backgrounds.  This one which has a bit of free motion scribble, i will now embellish with thread and beads.
My two warm up for today.  The one on the left is using 5 prompt cards and the one on the right is using the garbage that is on my desk!
And my Art journal page for today.
I am trying to just be working.
One of the things I am constantly telling my students is that not every thing you do has to be a masterpiece.  None of the great artists just produced high art every time they touched a brush. They all did a lot of learning in sketchbooks and personal papers.  To be a good artist, you need to remember this and concentrate on the learning process rather than the final masterpiece.
Often people see me just draw or sketch with out any practice, but behind that there are pages and years of practice.  I do not believe art is something that is an innate talent, instead, it is something that is learnt and like any skill - if you love it then you will practice and learn and improve.  It is no different to, say embroidery or sewing.  Why should it be?

I have this one on my wall!
Happy Creating!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Being Busy

I have been busy.  but the bulk of what I have been doing is mixed media art.  I have got a couple of textile pieces going, but they're not finished.
Here are a few of the bits and pieces I have done in the last few days.
This was a warm up collage.  I am trying to do one of these each day.
This was another warm up, using prompt cards from Painted Pages.  One of my favourite books.
This was the page I did after these warm ups and after my daily dose of nature/walk.
I have also still been sketching
This was a sketch of an orchid I saw a few days ago whilst I was walking in the bush.  They are called nodding greenhoods and they are a little late this year.
You can see them in this photo.  As you can see they are quite small, but there were lots!

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oops, again

I have been absent again!  This time it was because a family member died.  She had had cancer for a year and we knew she was sinking, but it was hard to say goodbye to someone who still had a lot of life to live.
I have not got much done in the past week as a result.
Here is my latest daily drawing.  A tiny honeyeater that is about the size of a wren, which Tony and I saw yesterday on a daily  walk.
I have also been working in my art journal, but have been posting those to instagram here.
Hopefully I will have some textile work soon.  I have one piece in progress and also my Tangled Textiles challenge piece to get into.

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eye candy

I made these last night after I saw a picture on Pinterest.   If you look up just for Peggy by Octaviabloom on etsy you will hopefully see it.  I can't work out how to copy URLs from Pinterest or etsy on my iPad yet!   The metal circles are ones that came from computer cd rooms.  I have a ton of them.  I really like the results and think they would make a great embellishment.  Obviously I have no intention of selling these and hope showing you a picture is OK.

Happy creating,

Monday, September 15, 2014

A bit of bracken

Today's daily drawing effort has actually taken me a few days and is not finished yet.  Apparently, it is allowed to work on a sketch for more than a day as many of the others in the pool have.
It is a sketch of a frond of bracken, which does not seem to be as common now as it was before the fires in 2009.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
I have been doing a little journaling as well, but they are over on instagram.
I have also started on my Tangled textiles challenge here.

Happy Creating!

Friday, September 12, 2014

A neighbour

Today's drawing is of a little visitor to my garden.  He, and it is a he, is a king parrot and he is very cheeky and teases me sometimes.  He is normally red with green wings, but of course this is graphite.
Happy creating!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daff and moth

Here are yesterday and today's efforts for daily drawing with Laura Kemshall.
I am posting from my iPad away from home today and haven't learnt how to do links yet.
A daffodil from the garden
And a moth from Pinterest.  Could not find the original citation, but I expect it is from a vintage book.

Happy creating,

Sunday, September 7, 2014


So I forgot yesterday........
But I remembered Today!
Here is my daily drawing - and check out some of the other work in the flickr group.
I am slowly getting back into the flow of working. I am also doing three workshops.
Junque Journal and 30 days in your junque journal  with Julie fei fan Balzer.
Express yourself with Jane Davenport
and Studying under the Masters hosted by Jeanne Oliver.

So I am doing a bit of drawing and mixed media at the moment.  I have been doing some fibre work, but am not finished anything at the moment.

Happy Creating!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Daily Drawing

Wow. I has been nearly two months since I last posted!  some of you will be aware that I have been quite ill.  I am not yet quite out of the woods as they say, but am up and about.  The tangled textiles group  had a reveal last week, but I was unable to complete my piece, which shows how sick I was.  You can see everyone else's work here.  It is pretty amazing!
Laura Kemshall, has started a daily drawing post and since I always need to be reminded to draw, I thought this might be a great way to start posting again!
So here is my first Daily drawing post
Let's see if I can keep it up!

Happy Creating!