Friday, September 26, 2014

another day

Here's a peek at my morning's work today.
The start of a new textile collage.  Some of you may remember I put together a fabric collage a day earlier in the year and this is what my intentions are with them.  I have more than 100 backgrounds.  This one which has a bit of free motion scribble, i will now embellish with thread and beads.
My two warm up for today.  The one on the left is using 5 prompt cards and the one on the right is using the garbage that is on my desk!
And my Art journal page for today.
I am trying to just be working.
One of the things I am constantly telling my students is that not every thing you do has to be a masterpiece.  None of the great artists just produced high art every time they touched a brush. They all did a lot of learning in sketchbooks and personal papers.  To be a good artist, you need to remember this and concentrate on the learning process rather than the final masterpiece.
Often people see me just draw or sketch with out any practice, but behind that there are pages and years of practice.  I do not believe art is something that is an innate talent, instead, it is something that is learnt and like any skill - if you love it then you will practice and learn and improve.  It is no different to, say embroidery or sewing.  Why should it be?

I have this one on my wall!
Happy Creating!