Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back to work!

I have just posted my Tangles textiles challenge piece here.   Only half the group have posted so far, but some great work there.  Make sure you have a look in the next day or two here.
In the next few days, I intend to blog my whole process for this piece in one post.
I have been doing a fair bit of stitching and have three new stitch squares for Art Every Day Month.

And here are squares 1 to 25 up on my design wall!
Now, originally, I began this as a challenge for November at Creative every day.
But yesterday, there was a guest post by Anne Lange on Julie Balzer's blog, about stitching 4 inch squares and using stencils as a basis for stitching.  This post really inspired me and I am dying to read the second half of the post.  I want now to continue my challenge for December and incorporate the stencils!  Have a look at Anne's site.  It is wonderful!

Today is Tuesday.  Normally on Tuesday,I spend most of my time at quilt group and don't get much done, but today we are having a day off as most of us have appointments and errands.
So, I am at home, very unusual.  I can now easily join the  T for tuesday gang!
I thought today, we might have our cup of tea as part of breakfast in bed (in the doll's house, that is!)
Also, I have done a bit more work on the owl painting I started a couple of weeks ago, here.
 I am doing this as a project for a craftsy class, painting wildlife in mixed media with tutor  Sharlena Wood.  I am really enjoying this process.  You can find the source image, which is cc licensed by photographer Matt Knoth, here.  Obviously, this is just for my own purposes and will not be for sale.
This class has given me a renewed interest in pastels, which I used to paint with quite often.

Quite a long post, but Happy Creating!