Saturday, November 8, 2014

Orange and purple makes...

I missed a post yesterday. Ooops.  But I still got my stitched squares done for Art Every Day Month.
I was away from home most of the day getting tests done.  Nothing wrong, just routine, but it was a long day away from the studio!
I am working on a daily drawing, but it is one of those complicated ones and is only at the sketch stage.
Here are my warm ups.
And of course the reason for the post title!
A friend asked about the warm ups and I thought I would just copy my reply in here for your information.

  • For the warm ups, I am using a black book and a white book.  They are old, and something I would never have used probably. They are both about A5 or half of a letter sheet.  When I started, I began by creating a collage in the black book with scraps and/or prompts from "Painted pages"  I now use prompts of my own collected from everywhere, things like use a circle or add some red etc.  Then I experimented with paint and prompts in the white book.
  • I spent 5 minutes or less on each page, using 1-5 prompts (when needed) and use a timer so I don't go overboard.
  • I sometimes don't feel particularly creative when I sit down to work, but I know that if I just start, the creativity will come.  The just starting can be a problem and that is what these warm ups are for.  They help me create a routine of just getting on with it.  Because they are so short and use scraps, I can't argue about wasting time or resources and in the long run they make me more productive, because as I am doing them, ideas tend to start.  Sometimes two colours will inspire me, or a shape will give me an idea, but usually, at the end of my 5 minutes, I am rearing to get on with something!
  •  Painted Paes is a book. here is the google books link.  However there are lots of art and mixed media books with prompts in them.
  • Here is the link to the post about my prompt cards (it is one of a number of old posts where I was using facebook to insert my pictures.  I have since found that eventually, facebook alters the URLs or archives them, so the pictures are lost)
  • I now have two sets of prompts. one is specifically art and one is textiles, but there is a fair amount of overlap.
And here is my journal page for today.
This is actually the next spread in my actual written journal - before I have written into it.  In my art journal I am working on a spread for Art Journal journey which I hope to finish tomorrow.

I also got some work done on my Tangled textiles Challenge piece, which I have blogged about here.

Happy creating!