Monday, April 16, 2012

Butterflies and flags

 Well, I am finally back from AQC and I had a great time, but I am totally exhausted and haven't finished unpacking,  so more later.

This ATC is made from painted watercolour paper, layered with a butterfly stamped on tissue, a few strands of lurex and a charm with a resin half globe.  I love how the tissue paper becomes transparent when glued down with medium(or PVA).

Today I will show you the flag book I have made to hold my Journal quilts, which are all 5 in.
I used some thick pastel paper, which is secured with a ribbon.
I left lots of extra width on the pastel paper, so that the book can expand.  At the moment, the paper wraps around the bundle a few times.
And this is how the quilts look when the flag fold is open.  I showed another flag book here.