Monday, April 30, 2012

red stuff and Autumn

Another fabric ATC.  This one is made from a piece of hand dyed synthetic knit.  Not usually my type of material to sew with, but I loved the texture.  I added a piece of red felt and a square of red heavy interfacing.  Then I chose a few red bits from my bead stash.  I had a torn piece of nylon knitting ribbon, so I added that, then I found a tiny scrap of red perle thread and tied it in a bow.

Today my journal was about Autumn and this page may even become a journal quilt. 
I used a stencil, (I think it was craftworks) and sprayed green watercolour on.  I let the paint pool and dry in little dots and they reminded me of leaves.  I did some shadows on the trunk in green marker and white highlights on the other side with a white gel pen.  Then I added some yellow orange and gold scribbles to the leafy bits - and it was Autumn. I think I would like this in fabric and I would do the shadows and highlights with free machine embroidery.  Looks like time to get the sketchbook out.

And of course I need to nominate five bloggers for the liebster award.  Five small bloggers who inspire me.

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and last but never least
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