Saturday, April 7, 2012

polymer clay and paper

I used a polymer clay leaf for this atc.  Many years ago, I was a cake decorator, and, those leaf and flower cutters and molds I used work fine with polymer clay.  I painted/coloured the clay with a texta/marker, then wrote the word leaf.  The letters are covered with those little clear things you put under coasters and ornaments and you get them at the hardware.  I finished off with a few more scribbled leaves on the card.

This leaf is cast from toilet tissue and water (no PVA this time).  I made the mold from a big dangly leaf earring.  In fact, I made a batch of molds today and burned them (by accident).  They are pretty black, but they still work fine.  Just annoying.

I have been playing a lot with paper and painting lately.
Some of you might have noticed I have started using my own papers for the digital quotes at the end of my blog.  In many ways, it's just another artistic outlet.
This is a journal spread background I did recently, but am cogitating about.  I coated the page with gesso, then laid tissue over whilst it was still wet and moved it around to get lots of creases, then added a light watercolour wash and let it seep into the creases.  I like this one because it looks to me like a view into a forest with big tree trunks to either side, so now I am thinking about how best to bring those trees out.
This is the cover of a small altered book, using pink tissue and with a light layer of gesso again over the top.  The texture is lovely.
This is a piece of watercolour paper I sprayed with green watercolour and a pinky coloured metallic spray (which had mica in it)  I laid glad  wrap or saran wrap on top and wrinkled it.  As it dried, the shiny mica tended to move to the creases.  This is gorgeous.

This one is copier paper, which I sprayed with the same paints, then scrunched up and then opened. When I took this photo, it was still damp, but when it was dry, I ironed it a bit and the mica has distributed itself in another way, but still lovely, on some of the flat places and not others.

Hope everyone has a great Easter tomorrow,  don't forget to collect all those pieces of foil!

Sorry about the covered up word - lit!