Saturday, April 28, 2012

water and more water

blue satin, blue chiffon, frayed, stitching, beads, sequins.

here are a couple of journal quilts and another fabric page
This one is made of scrunched strips of lots of blue (and white) synthetics, which were sewn down, then zapped with a heat tool.  I added the pebbly beads and shells to extend the watery idea.
This one used a piece of  woven dark magenta woven wool fabric as the backing.  I frayed the edges, then used squares of black japanese brocade and faux suede (which you might have seen in some recent ATCs).  The beaded motifs were ones I bought from someone at AQC.  The contrast is not good with all the shiny bits and the wool and suede.  It looks very yummy in reality.
This is a fabric page I recieved from a friend yesterday,  The leaves are handpainted lutradur and the stitching is beautiful.  Thanks!  My theme for this round robin swap is leaves, if you didn't guess.

And here's a quote I know is very true.