Friday, April 20, 2012

blue flowers and some stamps

 I have been working quite hard in my studio, if the mess is anything to go by, but most of it is things that I can't post until certain dates.  Hopefully, I will get to some postable stuff tomorrow.
ATC is made from blue paper scrapbooking flowers free machined as a collage to heavy interfacing.

And now to some stamps, which I made a while ago but forgot to post.  They are all made from fun foam, cut and glued to perspex with rubber cement.
Here are the stamps I made.
Two harlequin stamps, which I have been going to make for ages, one with 45 degree angles and the other 30/60 (the longer skinny diamonds), and below a wonky checker board.
My yin yang leaf symbol, which I have already used in an ATC here, and the little comma or paisley I cut out of it.
And here are a few samples.
The one on the left is in my notebook, and the one on the right is in a gessoed journal.

But wait, there's more!
I also made these.
Two different sized trees, just made from slivers of the foam, and two little tiny leaf stamps to go with them.
And here are a few of my samples.
I like how stamping a few times with each leaf gives different values of leaf colour.
I did this one with liquid shoe polish!  I also happened to make a couple more of these stamps today, but I think this is enough for one day!