Tuesday, April 17, 2012

scraps and a journal page

 Ok, so I didn't finish my quilt at my workshop.  I must 'fess up, but it was a very full timetable and we did so many things that my head is still spinning.  My workshop was with Kay Haerland and it was really worthwhile.  Although perhaps there wasn't much that was new to me, there was a lot of ways to use techniques and materials that I hadn't thought of.  I think my journal quilts for the next six months are already mapped out!  She also offers other workshops, so have a look at her website (above) and especially the gallery.
The quilt convention, as well as being a hectic four days, was also very busy.
 The Exhibition Building, which is huge is T shaped and this is the trunk of the T.  Unfortunately it was the only picture of the goings on I remembered to take, although I did have time to spend my hubby's money (priorities!)
Hopefully, as I have now tidied up and unpacked, I can finally get some work done.

This ATC is made from a few scraps off my work table, on painted watercolour paper. A piece of lurex fabric, frayed, a pink paint chip, a piece of blue netting, some die cut letters and some adhesive jewels (notice even the die cuts are scraps, since I didn't have an A and had to use a V upside down!).

Sometimes when I journal, I just randomly pick a word from whatever page I open in my old dictionary.
On this day, the word was Heirloom, and I thought about what might be an heirloom.  My eye glaced over the box where all my lace is stored and this page, or really background, as it is not finished, was the result.
I stamped the word, then used one of the circular motifs from a doily to stamp on the page.  I added another real doily piece above the word.  Since I took this photo, I have actually drawn in a few more repeats in white pen.  I think it captures the idea of the type of heirlooms which are handed down in my family.  The doily I used was NOT one of them, it was quite new.