Monday, April 9, 2012

glitter stickers and a collage

I missed a post yesterday.  Our internet was paying up no end and today it was slow as well. 
This ATC was made using some scraps left over from making glittery stickers.  This is a scrapbooking technique I have seen used on you tube.  The sun is the finished product.  The rest are scraps!
To make the stickers, I took some yucky round kid's stickers, and laid them back to front on double sided tape.  I peeled of the sticker backing to reveal the stitcky backs of the stickers and covered them with glitter.
Here you can see I put two strips on the double sided tape.
Then I peeled away the bits surrounding the circles (vis the scraps in the atc)
This picture shows me almost finished.  It's fiddly, and I could perhaps streamline the process a bit, but the stickers will be handy.

Here is another collage I am working on which has the modelling paste added.
This one said grapes to me.  Perhaps because it is autumn here.

I will be away at the Australasian Quilt Convention from wed evening to sunday, doing a four day workshop on landscapes with kay Haerland.  I'm sure it will be fun.
I will endeavour to post regularly, but it might be problematic on my mobile, so forgive me if things go awry.