Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sew and so

Today's ATC is a result of one of my prompt cards.  It said add curves and wavy lines.  My friend Lisa had been doing a lot of couching, so I made my lines with yarn
I started by free motion couching, but usinf free motion I actually found it easier with straight stitch!  One very messy ATC as a result.

Another prompt card told me to add some doodles.  So I doodled a leaf.
Perhaps I should have used a contrasting thread, oh well.

Also, here are a few pages from my journal- also very messy
I tend to write prose/poetry or inspirations in my journal, and play with lots of strange art materials, like a straw for a stamp or a white out pen.  The second one is today's, which is why I chose the following inspiration for today.