Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fibres, Shells and stamps

I am still trying to catch up on all the email and stuff I need to do after being away for nearly a week with no internet, but I am slowly getting there.
Today was a very productive day, although I have not done all I planned, because I thought of other things during the day - and did them.
This ATC is made from some yummy fibres from a piece of brocade laid on batting and ironed over with some pink garbage bag.  The little piece of frayed fabric is the same brocade and it is attached with a bead, as is the batting - attached to a piece of card with beads.  The writing says "Flowing" - referring to the fibres, but is very hard to see in the photo. 

This journal quilt came about from being untidy.  I had been given these small charm squares ina gorgeous fabric.  They were lying on my table.  I had unstrung a necklace of shells.  They were lying on the table.  I put both together and voila' a new journal quilt.  This one was all done by hand.  I did not piece the squares, but basted them down and stitched all over them with seed stitch and french knots, then added the shells and beads.

Since I talked about stamps yesterdauy, I thought I would finish that off by showing the stamps I made yesterday.
I think I have said, I use perspex scraps and glue fun foam pieces on with rubber cement.  One thing I am enjoying doing, is making positive and negative images like the two above, where the pieces I cut out of one were made into the mirror image on another piece of perspex.
This is how they stamped out on a page roughly painted with gesso (my journal).  They stamp out nicely on smooth paper.  I seem to be making lots of all over stamps lately, as backgrounds, and I like the geometric ones.