Sunday, April 1, 2012

soldered leaves and ironed cellofoil

Synthetic scraps layered on cotton, covered with satin, stitched then soldered to reveal the scraps.  Satin stitched edging - yay! finally got it!
I will show you a bit more on this technique ina day or so.

I have a growing collection of cellofoil.  This is the plasticky foil that comes as candy wrappers, on crisp/chip packets and on rice cakes.  I use rice cakes, so these packets yield a large piece of cellofoil, whilst the candy wrappers, although colourful are very small.
I have been thinking of ways to use these in my mixed media, so the other day, I got experimenting.
This is cellofoil, with plastic bags (preironed to fusible)  ironed on top.  Since the plastic bags are very thin, and break up when you iron, the cellofoil peeps through and looks very nice.
This one has some painted fusible ironed on and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  My fingers are itching to use this sample.
This one has a painted nappy/diaper liner fused to it.  I used a sprinkle of fusible granules, only a tiny bit, to get it to fuse.  Since the liner is so thin, the metallic cellofoil is visible and looks lovely.
After I used the nappy liner, I went off on a whole other tangent with the liners, but I'll get to that in another post.
These pieces of cellofoil are certainly  going to feature in some of my pieces.  It's a great feeling when you have a successful experiment.  But all experiments are useful.