Saturday, March 31, 2012

weaving and burning

Today's ATC is woven from coloured strips of paper attached to a sticky label, then stamped.
I really need to get some tiny letter stamps, don't you think?

Today, I played with some tyvek.
Terrible picture, sorry.  The one on the left is painted with lumiere halo rose gold and the one on the right is painted with setacolour metallic green.
Here is a sample leaf cut out for each of the collages I am working on.  The background is here.
These are very nice, but I decided to play with the heat gun.
Here are the fabrics after distressing.
These two were cut out after distressing the tyvek.
These two were cut out first then heat distressed.  I liked the first set better, because it is easier to control the shape, since you cut it out after, and also, you can cut the leaf to take advantage of different textures in the distressed tyvek.  I think I will be using these for the Autumn collage most definitely and I will probably include a few in the gum leaf collage, just for continuity, since I like the suede ones for the gum leaves so far.
Mmmm, I think I might have some burnt orange suede somewhere......
I also made this sheet of fabric paper for the orange collage
But I think another layer of tissue and watercolour is in order first.

Happy stitching.