Monday, March 12, 2012

sewing at last!

Today's ATC - Painted and heat distressed Lutradur  free machined over chocolate and gold brocade.

And the show is over.  Over the weekend, I have had to learn to accept compliments gracefully, which is something I find hard.  Perhaps it an Aussie thing, to deflect compliments instead of basking in them, but I have always felt so embaressed when people compliment me.
Well, this weekend, I had lots of people I didn't even know compliment me on my work and I think I am getting the hang of just saying thankyou.  The blushing, well that's another matter, I can't control that, lol.

Hopefully, now I can have a few days in my studio to play.  I think I am suffering from withdrawal from not having any creative outlet!

Play every day!