Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's a bird, it's a plane...

It's an ATC.
I have has many prople asking me lately what an Artist Trading Card is and was it a new thing, so I thought it would help if I put up a link to the original ATC site in Switzerland, where the idea came from nearly twent years ago.
Now to Today's ATC, as i said.
It's a bird.....
It's a Plane.....
No, it's an ATC!
I do love origami and whenever I see a fold that I think I can alter a bit to make an ATC, I can't help myself, but must play with it untill it is done.
This one is made from cotton fabric with paper fused to the back, so it folds nicely.  If you look carefully in the first photograph you can see I have added so called 'clear' press studs under the folds to make it stay in ATC shape, but be able to be opened.
I found these tiny buttons at the stall at our show and had to have them, and they went well with this fabric, but I thought, or one of my friends thought that the red beads would just set it off, so I added them too.  The edge is blanket stitched in an orange thread.

A whole day in my studio tomorrow, so let's see if I actually get anything done!

Creativity is simply thinking outside the box!  Do it every day.