Friday, March 30, 2012

orange and green

Today's ATC is made from some fabric I got in the swap package I showed yesterday
I free machined over a few of the leaves in the pattern, then added some leaf sequins which I had coloured with nail polish.

Today's leaf is one that is a sample for the fabric part of the gum/Eucalyptus collage base I showed yesterday.
This one was free machined on synthetic suede, just took a few minutes, since the shape is so familiar to me.  My husband's comment was that it had a hole in it.  A lot of gum leaves do have these little holes and I think it makes them look real if you include it.  I have simply cut it out about 1-2mm from the stitching line.  Because it was suede, I really didn't need to actually outline it at all, just cut it out, but if you  look very closely at a gum leaf, you will see that there is a tiny vein line all around the edge.
Of course, I will have to make a lot of these if I use them and I'm not sure how much of this colour I still have.  And I have other ideas to try as well.