Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leftovers and little drops of water

This ATC was made from a piece trimmed from a larger landscape.  I liked the texture in the sky and the swirls in the land, or sand.  I edged it with glue and gold leaf.  The larger collage used fabric and fibre scraps arranged, the covered with tulle and then free motioned.

Today I had a little play with some cheap kid's paint pens and dobbers that I had.
the water and the dropper came into play later.
For this piece of watercolour paper, I painted the red and blue paint onto a damp face wipe and then dabbed it on, or some people call it bagging.
for this one, i dampened the paper first with a spray bottle, the added drops of paint.
I actually did drip some water drops on this one, which created the slight haloes in the centre of the blue splotches.
On this one, I painted red, yellow, green and blue onto wet paper.  I dripped water drops onto it when the paint had settled a bit, not dry, but not wet.  It created these lovely haloes.
This one was bagged, then dripped water drops on.  This is really nice.
 This was a piece of smoother watercolour paper that I  also bagged then dripped water on.  It makes a great background texture.
On this one in my altered book for samples I used the paint dobbers and then smeared with a face wipe, then dripped water, and then I dripped diluted red into the centre of some of the splotches.
another page in this book was bagged with red and blue, then dripped on with water and the dilute red in places.  This one almost looks like a field of daisies.

I wondered whether it mattered how dry the watercolour was, so I tried it on a page I had made weeks ago and I liked how the colours separated.  See how the purple became a blue circle with a red rim?
This of course led me on to another experiment, which I will show you tomorrow - and of course, I need to try all of these out on fabric.

Speaking of fabric, one of the bonuses of these painting sessions is...
The gorgeous painted face wipes I end up with to use in fabric collages!