Thursday, March 29, 2012

No ATC, but a very big leaf

No ATC today, I have been out at ART group all afternoon.
But I have a very big leaf!
This is about eight or so inches long and is a dimensional element on a collage I am working on.
The frame is about 24 inches square, so it's quite large.  I made these leaves with a stencil and tile adhesive.  The technique is just the same as for stencilling with modelling paste, here, (I learnt it from a beryl taylor video here ) except of course I would need a lot of modelling paste, so I used something I had lots of.
This one is one of a pair (I had thought of four for four seasons, but we shall see)
This one is a little further along.  Basically, they are both collage backgrounds for small fabric collages which will go on top and be the focal points.
I am still in the thinking stage about construction of the collages, or corsages, I suppose they will be.

Oh, and here is a fabric page I recieved from a friend in Holland yesterday.  The theme was, of course leaves.
This is 8 inches square with gorgeous fabrics and so much hand stitching.  I am very pleased to recieve it!