Monday, March 19, 2012

Making art

Often, when I am playing, I make ATC sized backgrounds of paper or fabric along with whatever I'm doing.
This was one of those, made quite a while ago...
...and decorated today.. Playing card, gesso, molding paste thru a piece of plastic from the recyling, coloured markers, stamp. Now that I see it against a white background, I can see it needed an edge.

Also, today was the reveal of our Tangled textiles challenge, balance.  Have a look at the other gorgeous pieces by my friends here.

This is my piece, Light and Shade, based on a photo by Jorg Reuter which is creative commons here.
Free machine thread sketching, Acrylic paint, watercolour pencils and handstitching (The handstitching is not finished yet, couple of million stitches to go, lol)
Of all my Tangled textiles pieces, this is my favourite so far, even if it's not finished