Sunday, March 18, 2012

Very Cross

Something slightly different to my usual  ATC style.  This one goes to show that an ATC can be anything!  I actually dislike counted cross stitch quite a bit, bit it was a change to what I was doing today. which was freestyle handstitching.  Lots of it.
I simply mounted this tiny crostitch on a playing card by turning the edges and tying in the corners, leaving little tufts.

The title of this ATC is a pun on what it is and how things are going.
It is down to the wire with my Tangled textiles piece, and I don't think I will be finished, however it will be finished enough to reveal.  It has been a very hard month in more ways than one and I am pleased with what I have done, only wish there was more time.....

Remember to create every day,  even if it's just an ATC, lol