Saturday, March 24, 2012


This ATC uses a few of my recent samples.  The fabric is a negative print from a perpex plate monoprint using a cookie cutter (ie the print you get off the plate after you have printed the lines of the cookie cutter)
One of the Tangles, Beverly, used a circular stitching attatchment in her recent challenge quilt.
This remided me, that although my other half has promised to make me one of these attachments, and therefore I do not have one, I do have a flower stitcher foot,
 which makes 1-2 inch circles and makes interesting patterns with different stitches, so I had a play with that over the top of the circly fabric, using a few different stitches like, blanket, satin, feather, etc.  It was a bit of fun.
I decided the ATC was a bit boring, so I fremachined the word, circle on it and then satin stitched the edge.

My machine tends to chew up the corners when I do this, so what I have done, is used a piece of scrap printer paper underneath, then free machined the satin stitch, going around a few times.
Even though the paper is quite perforated by now, I still found it easier to tear it off by hoding a ruler down over the edge.  (I think if I had simply satin stitched with the feed dogs up, the paper would fall off by itself, and probably before I was ready for it to, because the stitches would have been very straight and regular).
Anyhow, you can leave the inside paper on the back to write on or remove it in the same way. 
There will be little bits of white paper showing around the edges and I would advise not to try and pull them out, but to do what I did below.
You can see that there are no little white bits showing at the top in this picture.  A permanent marker works wonders and saves weakening the edge by removing the hangers-on.