Sunday, March 25, 2012

seaweed and flags

This is a tiny needlefelted ATC, that seemed to be of the ocean floor, so I added a little seahorse.
Except for the charm, everything was from my scrap box - So technically, this is green.  See more green here.

On to other things.  Someone asked me what I did with all my samples.  Sometimes I play with them and make new things.
This is one of those times.

OK, a book, but the covers were cut from an old fabric paper and molding paste.collage.

Inside are more samples.  These are painting effect samples that I made into tags.  But wait, there's more!

When you pull the covers apart, one set of tags goes one way and the other set goes the other way and the all (mostly) lie flat.  This is called a flag fold book.  If you look it up on youtube, you will find lots of videoes about it, but I was finally inspired to do it by Handmade Book Essentials a new workshop from Interweave.

You can see here, it is basically a fan fold with the tags added.

The trick is to make the fan tall enough for two tags, plus a bit more, and to alternate where the tag goes.  For instance here you can see the top tags all face to the back and are all placed pointing left on the top left of an open "spread".  The bottom flags all have faces to the front, pointing right on the bottom right of the open fan.  It all sounds very complicated, but it really isn't very hard and is a great effect when you open it!

I put a piece of ribbon under the back cover before I glued it on -  and this is another point.  Front and back covers are not connected - there is no spine, which is why you need to be able to tie it up.  If there were a spine, the flags would not happen.
Wow, it's so complicated to write down, when it only took ten minutes to make.