Friday, April 6, 2012

pears and baby quilts

In today's ATC I was experimenting with vaseline!  I painted the background yellow, then "painted" the pears with vaseline.  then I painted over the top with red and when it was dry, I wiped away the vaseline an voila! two pears.  I added a few details with markers and then stamped the word over the top.

Today I am showing some quilts I have been working on, little baby.........journal quilts!
These quilts are only five inches square, so they don't take long.  This one was a piece of furnishing fabric I loved, which I simply quilted then beaded in places.  It is bound with transparent blue nylon knitting yarn.
This one I really love and have made a few extras.  I started with a cotton base, then placed all sorts of synthetic scraps higgeldy piggeldy all over it.  Then I covered it with black satin and quilted a leaf pattern.  Then I soldered away the leaf layers randomly.  With this one, I went a bit further and cut all of the leaves away.  The one below
was just after soldering into the leaves and it wasn't as effective as cutting it all away, but using the soldering iron initially did help with stopping the fraying of the satin.
This last one is not finished yet, although it is a bit further along than this.  It is also just a piece of fabric I loved, which has been quilted around the motifs.  then I added three metal dragonflies and now am dithering about what sort of edge and whether any embroidery is in order.  I think beads would be way too much!

So, that's what I've been up to.  What about you?