Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purple and black and an atc book

Well, almost purple.  There is some purple.  It's purpl-y.
Black felt, painted tyvek, japanese brocade, papillion gold thread, seed beads.  Why is it that these simple arrangements are so pleasing?

I have been storing my ATCs (The ones I haven't lost or given away) in my large art folio, which is a bit difficult to be getting out all the time, but last week, when I was at the opp shop, I spied a recipe book which gave me an idea for storing lots of ATCs
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before I pulled it all apart, but as you can see above, the recipes were in little tab pages that would each old an ATC and also have room for a description.
So I pulled it all apart.
Then I put it back together again.
Created a new spine with iron on interfacing
Stacked the pairs into signatures (groups of pairs of pages)
And when I had enough signatures, I sewed it back together again.
This is the new spine, with my markings for spacing the blocks of signatures.
And this is the new book, with my ATCs in it.  I could only fit 120 in this book, which is nearly full, a few spaces left, but I have plenty of pages left to make into two new books for the rest of the year and this is a much easier to access way to store them!

One problem solved, anyhow.