Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To recycle or not to....

Day 13 of AEDM!
Today I was also out, teaching my Adult art class, but when I got home, I felt the need to make something and the first thing that came to hand was a milk bottle cap!
I decided to put together a quick journal quilt.
The milk bottle cap forms the base for the central button, covered in a little bit of silk.  The silver motif in the centre is simply eight chain links stitched on in a circle with a bead on top and some seed beads around the outside edge.  The purple 'stuff' is some wispy fibre ribbon (two squares overlapped and offset).  The silver swirls are some left over hanger clips for christmas cards, stitched down and the background fabric is one of my clean up cloths from painting.
I liked this one, but I think I might add a bit more stitching, perhaps some hand seed stitches
...and maybe a few beads....
Happy creating


  1. wow…very pretty and "dainty" design. I love the way you say you just quickly put it together….really?! Looks like hours of work to me!

  2. Beautiful!! Love all of the reuse of items :)

  3. Such a beautiful journal quilt. I like how all the different elements came together in such a lovely way!

  4. I like the symmetry of the hooks and the asymmetry of the background. This looks like it took hours to put together. You work extremely fast.

  5. this has worked perfectly and love the delicacy of the colours you have used


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