Thursday, November 7, 2013

oops, no stitching!

As the title says, no stitching to show today (although I have done some).
For day 7 of AEDM, I have a journal page to show and those of you who know me well will probably be shocked.  It is totally not my style at all.
I was watching Jane Davenport's Whimsical faces video and decided to have a go and this is the result. Quite a few mistakes and bits that didn't work and it was fun to do at the end of a hot sticky day.
I have been working on the monoprint piece and doing a bit more embroidery and beading.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. love your whimsical face! i really like these colours thanks for sharing

  2. She looks fabulous Vicki! I have that video but haven't had a chance to view it yet. I'll be happy with results half as nice as your's!

  3. This is stunning. I can't believe you thought there were imperfections. If I could draw and sketch like you, I would be over the moon with happiness. You did an awesome job.

  4. I like this very much. The colours are beautiful-i do love vibrant colours. It is interesting to see what folk come up with every day. I just wish I'd more time to visit everyone who participates.

  5. WOW, how pretty she is and the colors are gorgeous!! Love the way you got to play so freely and just enjoy creating. Hopefully you will do more of these.

  6. I am only seeing all those great colors and the eyes just draw you in. I don't see anything else. What mistakes?!
    Went and checked out Jane Davenport's site. Boy, would love to take some of her classes.

  7. It's beautiful!! Good for you for doing something outside your comfort zone. It's fun to branch out.


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