Saturday, November 16, 2013

At the workshop

Today I went to a soft Pastel workshop given by Max Wilks run by a nearby Art Group some of my friends go to.  We were at a gorgeous old homestead in a national park with gardens tended by the local  garden club.
Here are some of the gardens. there was also lots of lawns, a lake and an orchard.
I took a lot of pictures, which I won't post all today.
This was the picture I settled on for my painting.
And this is where I got to with my painting.  I still have a way to go, but I decided to wait until I have blown up the photo to do the details, since my camera screen is only the size of a business card and I was getting quite tired.
But I'm sure I have done my AEDM challenge for today, particularly as I hadn't touched my pastels in several years!
Happy Creating!


  1. What a heavenly space! Your painting is going to be gorgeous. I loved the pictures!

  2. Such beautiful gardens and flowers. Your painting turned out beautifully!

  3. wow! that's gorgeous. So soft and lush looking!

  4. it looks beautiful there and your pastel work is stunning - it already looks brilliant and if that was working off your camera screen then imagine how fab it'll be when you see the photo blown up and work from that!

  5. How great to see your pastel work and its inspiration. Lovely

  6. I have some oil pastels, but they don't make anything THIS beautiful. You draw SO well. I look forward to seeing this piece go further.

  7. Great place and fantastic artwork

  8. That is a wonderful pastel drawing Vicki! You have quite an artistic eye!


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