Thursday, November 28, 2013

A bit of background

Day 28 of AEDM.  I can't believe I have lasted four weeks!
Today I have been working on some backgrounds.  I have lent my heat gun to a friend who has a deadline looming and am feeling the loss of it quite deeply.  Being so used to just drying a layer and moving on, it has been a little bit of a trial to have backgrounds lying around all day drying!  And they took longer than usual, because it has been raining all day!

Here are a few of the many journals awaiting the moment of drying!
and a few close ups of the pages.
This spread was some collaged tissue paper prints in my butterfly journal.
This is a spread using complementary colours (red orange and blue green).
And this is a spread in my journal using a dabber bottle.

And for those who liked yesterday's page, here it is after a bit more work.
Happy creating!


  1. Great to see so many pages in construction.. colours are fab..
    Sandy :)

  2. The waiting always drives me nuts too :) The backgrounds look great!

  3. I'm not good at waiting. Hence the hair dryer that lives in my studio! lol

  4. It looks like it’s three dimensional! Love it!

  5. Your work is so beautiful! Very inspiring!

  6. I have a heat gun for my main floor craft space and one in my basement studio. Having said that, I seldom use either for drying paint. I had a bad experience one year when I tried to dry some paint and it blistered, bubbled, and burned the paint (turned it an ugly brown in the process). Now I never touch my heat gun for that purpose. That's why it takes so long for my art to dry. But, I can certainly empathize.

  7. You could use a hairdryer, no? I don't have a heatgun and I've always wondered whether it's much faster than a hairdryer .... Mind you, I don't use a hairdryer either, that's why my tabe is always full of stuff drying and I can never find a place to work on something that is dry .... ;-) I love seeing your in-progress pages, looking forward to what you'll be doing with them!


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