Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A quick one

Just a quick one for day 6 of AEDM.  I have been out teaching art today, not doing my own, so I only had time to frame up one of my journal quilts for the gallery.
My journal quilts are 5" square and are where I try out different techniques.  This one is from a few months ago, but I did mount it today!  It is some painted nappyliner leaves and a bit of free motion on black satin.
Of course I always journal every day now, having finally got the habit, but that is not so exciting to look at.
Happy creating every day


  1. Love this!! The simple lines on the black really speak to me :)

  2. Beautiful and creative quilting journal ~ what a gift for someone special ~ thanks, xxx

  3. It may not seem exciting to you, but I was thrilled to see this. I've also used something similar to what you call nappy liners. And I even dyed my own. But I didn't get the beautiful effects you got. You ROCK.

  4. good to see nappy liners in your journal, I learnt about them when doing C & G in the 90`s, still have the box upstairs but not used any since college days, sometimes I look and think should I throw these but then think no if I do I am sure to want to use them once they are gone

  5. This is really striking. Nappy liners? Are they actual liners for nappies?! What a great use for them.


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