Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Collaging work

Today is day 27 of AEDM and, I am working on a page in a small journal, using a printout of a sketch from one of my sketchbooks.

I have cut out the printout and glued it to the page, then went over my lines with a permanent marker, extending some lines past the edge of the printout (My original sketch was in pencil and very faint in the photo).  I then put a wash of purple over it (acrylic).  I redefined the shadows with some more darker purple and added some white highlights.  At the moment, I am waiting for this to dry and then I will go in with gel pens and markers to further define the printout.
The Sketch itself is of a part of a madonna statue by Michaelangelo.  I like to use the old masters' work as models for my sketches.  And I like the idea of re using my work in my journals.

Happy creating!


  1. This is lovely. I enjoyed reading the process you used very much. I would love to see the finished piece.

  2. What a great way to recycle your art. This is stunning. I really like the purple/lavender wash you added and enjoyed following your process.

  3. this has worked a treat. Do you follow she has used a technique using carbon transfer method and thought of you when I read about it this morning


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