Saturday, November 9, 2013

Using up the leftovers

I was mixing up some spray inks, which is a very messy job, which my hands can attest to.  For clean up, I use baby wipes and generally I keep these stained baby wipes to use in my fabric collages.

As you can see the colour is amazing.  How could I possibly throw  these out?  But wait there's more!
When I was ironing them dry, my ironing cloth got stained - oh dear!

but what gorgeous fabric it made!  I can't wait to stitch it.
I am very late posting this, day 8 of AEDM, because I had tons of trouble with the internet last night.  It is actually day 9 here already.  sometimes posting on the weekend here is a bit problematic, so even if I can't post over the rest of the weekend, i am still creating every day.
Make sure you do as well.


  1. Baby wipes! OMG who would think of that! You are a genius! Yes and the color is awesome. Great unexpected results.

  2. I tried to iron some of my wipes, but they MELTED. Mine aren't baby wipes, but cleaning wipes. Yours are lovely. I use my wipes in my art quilts, too. I also make those mists, too and agree they sure stain your hands.

  3. Brilliant idea! Your work is beautiful! Those baby wipes are handy for so many things!!

  4. Wow! love the colours and texture - i wonder what/if you will do anything with these pieces?

  5. Sometimes the leftovers from playing with paint/ink/dye are some of the most fun and interesting, aren't they?

  6. They remind me of some of the wipe rags I've gotten from dye sessions- fun! Birgitte is right, these can be the best part of a play day,

  7. Creativity in action. My kid students always love their paper towels stained with paint wipes - now I have a new idea of things to use them for. You are now two for two in the great idea department, You've found a new follower.


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