Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A few stencils, and voila!

Here is my piece for Art Every Day Month, Day 20!

It is a 9 inch canvas.  I put down some acrylic colours, using a scraper to get streaks of colour, then when it was dry, I added some feathers in molding paste through a stencil.  When they were dry, I added the blue ink spray through a stencil, then after that was dry, I paintedthe feathers with some different lumiere paint. After that was dry (again) I added some black around the edges of the feathers with a black ink marker.  Since the ink was watersoluble, I went back with a damp brush and feathered the black out to create shadows.
It depends on the angle you look at it as to whether you see the sheen of the metallic paints.
I was pretty pleased with it.  Hope you like it.

Happy creating


  1. I smiled just a few stencils and voila!!! this would have been so difficult for me to do and you take it in your stride and produce an amazing piece.

  2. Beautiful .... Thanks for explaining the process!

  3. Stunning. I can only imagine how lovely and shimmery this is in person.

  4. Love this piece and the process too!

  5. I love feathers, and these are wonderful on this colourful background

  6. Oh yes, I really like it, what a great technique!


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