Sunday, November 17, 2013

One of those days

After such a busy day away from home yesterday, Today I felt a little washed out.  I have actually got a few things done, but it was a struggle.
I did a page of my Pam carriker journal - from her latest book - CREATING at the speed of life, which is a great book for working on art elements.  My students would say 'why do I need to work on these things if I already know them?', but you can always learn something more, and more importantly, once you  have learned something you need to do it often for it to stay in your repertoire.
The other thing I did was to work on a larger piece of water soluble lace, this one is about six inches so involves a lot of stitching and I will probably finish it this week.
I also did my daily page in my journal. Being in a bad mood, I could not think of what to do, so I got a water soluble pencil and scribbled loosely without looking.  Then I looked at my lines and I saw a jug.

So I added some more and defined the jug and activated the pencils with a water brush filled with diluted matte medium (this makes the watercolour permanent when dry, but it is also thicker than water and I find it works better with watersoluble media)
I filled in the background with some watercolour that was left on my palette from a few days ago.
I wondered what to write and the sentence just occurred to me.  Then I did my messy journalling at the bottom.
So that's what I got up to for Day 17 of AEDM.
Happy creating


  1. well I don`t know here you are just messing and you produce a lovely piece, hope you are feeling a bit more cheerful now and over the miserybugs as my Dad ues to say

  2. For having a bad day, this is one superior beauty. I agree that you have to keep going over the things you learned in the past. And of course, you are a wealth of information.

  3. oh, so cute and love the little quote too!

  4. Love your blog´s header! Very descriptive of your work and lovely pieces.
    Interesting title for a book, I´ll look it up. :)

  5. This is lovely. I have the book "Art at the Speed of Life" and am enjoying it. I like how you took your day and created something so nice with it.

  6. I admire you for still creating after such a day. But it is probably those days that it is the best for us to create as it makes us forget all about that busy day and just retreat back into our own zone and find peace and calm within again. That is why I love creating so much. It makes my mind stop thinking about everything else that needs to be done.


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