Sunday, November 10, 2013

Living large

Today is day ten of AEDM.
I have been thinking over the last few months that I would like to get a larger fibre piece done.  I have not made anything large for a few years and one of the other AEDM participants inspired me to take the opportunity to finish a UFO this month, so I decided to have a go at doing both at once.
this is an applique piece I put together when I was dyeing some fabric a year or so ago.  So far all I had done was scribble on the background and stitch a little way along one petal.
the finished size is about 25 by 30 in, so it is not huge, but is quite large for a wall piece.  I already have a frame to put it in that has also been cluttering up the cupboards for a while.
I did a little stitching today, but did not get as far as I hoped as we lost power for six hours.  This is something that happens a bit way up in the country.  There is only one road through and when a tree falls, it often takes the power lines with it.  Since a fire came through about five years ago, the number of dead trees falling increases every year and I often hear them up in the forest behind us.
but enough of that.  Here are a few shots of the stitching I did today.
Not too much, but there are quite a few days left this month.  I'll see how far I get.

Happy creating!


  1. Gorgeous piece, my friend. Have a magical Sunday!

  2. Really lovely - such an interesting project - I'm eager to see your progress!

  3. That Iris is really taking shape! Love the hand-dyes!

  4. It's always great to get something finished and this is looking good! Must have been frustrating to lose power when you were planning to work on it.

  5. Lovely! I like seeing the process you took in the photos.

  6. The stitching really defines the petals. Love the colors.

  7. I don't have feed dogs on my machine, so I can't do any free motion stitching. But yours is stunning and you are definitely off to a good start, power loss or not. Very impressive.

  8. love the colours and what you are doing with this piece


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