Monday, November 11, 2013

gilt quilt

Just a short one today.  I have been out down in the big city all day and I'm exhausted, but I did buy a ton of art stuff  ( not all for me, mostly for the art group)!
This journal quilt is a piece of one of my monoprints.  I have added some tulle and under it are metal leaf flakes.  The free motion stippling holds it all down  and I stitched round the print.


  1. Ah, what a joy it would be to have a machine that does free motion stitching. Of course, my STRAIGHT stitches look like very similar to free motion (grin).

    I've used this technique before to capture various bits under tulle, but I've never tried metal flake. This is really glittery gilt you used to make this piece. How awesome, and the monoprint is beautiful in its own right.

    You asked about the plate I used in my mandala yesterday. Just goes to show how bad the lighting was. It's really a copper charger used under dinner plates.

  2. BTW, i hope you stop by later today when I post my Veteran's Day tribute.

  3. This piece looks so yummy! would make a nice journal cover. would look even better on one of my journals!! LOL!!

  4. this is beautiful- I love the hint of sparkles under the tulle.


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