Monday, November 18, 2013


After my day from hell yesterday, today was much better.
I copied yesterday's journal page and added it to a book about pots and teapots

This book is 11x11 in and my copy was 11x8.5, so I needed to finish the page and started adding tapes.  I was having fun with that and continued right across the page.
I make my own tapes with double sided tape and the tape layer might be anything, on this spread, there is fabric, paper, plastic, lace, felt, foil and so adding anything to the page was problematic
So - I didn't glue anything down.
The teapot is a gelatin print I made onto heavy paper a while ago and I just cut it out and added it to the page with a brad and voila'
The teapot rotates and pours the tea!
Silly me.
Happy creating!


  1. I LOVE this! What a creative and clever solution! And what beautiful pages.

  2. Vicki, I love today's creation. It is so creative. Love how you make your own tapes. Do you put down double side tape and then just stick anything in strips on top? Love how the teapot really works and moves by attaching it with a brad.

  3. very cool that you make your own tape! and i love that the teapot can "pour" ~ lovely creations!


  4. That's so fun that the teapot can actually "pour" tea :-) Great idea!

  5. Very creative and lots of pretty colors!

    I'm glad that you're having a better day today.

  6. I love this. It is just the type of post you should add to T Stands for Tuesday. The teapot that rotates is really creative.

    Glad your day went better. We all seem to get them this month, some sooner than others.

  7. this is cool! Like Angel, I'm interested in finding out how you make your tape!

  8. You are way too much fun!!! :-)

  9. This piece is so much fun, and my goodness a moveable part. Does this constitute 3D? LOL. BTW I'm with Angel and What Comes do you make your tapes?


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