Friday, November 22, 2013

Playing around

Day 22 of AEDM, wow can't believe I have actually stuck at it!
Today I have been working on a few things, but I will only just show this journal page, which is an excellent example of a page that did not work out the way I wanted, but still, creating is the thing.  Everything you create can't be a masterpiece.  Each bit you do is only a step towards that eventuality - a learning experience.

The butterflies are from the prints yesterday and the flowers are cut with a tiny little cutter from foil chewing gum wrappers!
I must say I added a lot of stuff to the page, oil pastels, paint pens, ink etc and I do like PARTS of it but, there you are, it's all a learning process.

Happy creating


  1. I'm not sure what exactly didn't work out, as I love the brightness and vibrancy of these pages. The bright green is so beautiful and makes me think of Spring and Summer ....

  2. I think you butterflies look fantastic! A nice and bright and colorful spread! :)

  3. Gorgeous pages! You did so many different things with it - a lot of intriguing elements that so beautifully came together.

  4. Not sure why you are dissatisfied with this spread, Vicki, because I sure like it. What I like is that you recycled everything, including the foil wrappers. That was INGENIOUS. Like me, I can tell you never throw anything away!

  5. I am finding it hard to see anything wrong with this piece, looks great to me. How the days have flown by following your journey.


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