Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jelly love

This is day 21 of

I have recently become an addict.  Of Gelatin Printing, that is.
I can't seem to stop. The colours you get are wonderful and it is all so satisfying.  Just a few hours and you end up with so many prints you run out of space to store them, lol.
Today, I spent about an hour printing and I would probably bore you if I showed all my prints.
This is my gelatin plate.  It is about 11x11 inches.

I like to use gelatin, especially now as the weather is getting warmer, as the paint does not dry so quickly.  I do sometimes use an acetate sheet or a perspex sheet, and I do have a silicone plate, but I only use these for certain things, such as  printing plants and grasses, which are hard and do cut into the gelatin plate, because these plates need me to add a retarder to my paint in order to slow the dying time.  I find the cool surface of real gelatin keeps the paint wet longer.
Here are some prints drying,  For me, the process is limited by how much space I have for the prints to dry.
And here are a couple of my favourite prints from today.
Sorry about the blurriness of this one.  It was one of my favourites. The background was a piece of paper I had rolled excess paint from my brayer on (I don't throw much out, lol)
This one, which is the reverse of the one above, printed from the paint left after I had taken the stencil off.  The background is tissue paper (kitchen paper) that had been covered in inks.
This one was also printed on a previous print.  and was also printed after removing the stencil (which was just the card left when I took the shapes out of a silhouette cut).  You can see I often re-use my less than perfect prints as a background.
This is just a few of the prints, I printed about 25, so it was a short, productive session.  Mostly, I print on kitchen paper, which is a bit like deli paper.  We call it Greaseproof paper in Australia.  The reason I do this is that mostly I use these papers for collage and they layer well, being so thin.
Anyhow, enough talking.
Happy Creating


  1. Looks like you had fun today. Does paint stick to greaseproof paper? I thought it would be too smooth and the paint would just stay on top. Or am I mixed up with baking paper?

  2. those 3 prints you showed us are gorgeous! I especially like the last one with the butterflies. Is greaseproof paper the same as baking paper?

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely coment :)

    Gelli plates are fab aren't they? I havent had mine out for a while, but youve inspired me!

  4. I so enjoyed seeing what you made with your gelatin plate. I am in awe of this process, since I never get that beautiful look. However, I guess I don't experiment enough. And deli paper is a great product to make these with. I like how, even though we live so far apart, we still have similar products that do the very same thing.

  5. Oh you had a busy day today! Lovely prints! Ingenious drying rack too!

  6. How fun! I've been hearing people rave about gelli plates...I'm thinking I may need one. Your prints are just lovely!

  7. I forgot to mention that I have a plexiglass plate I sometimes create monoprints on. This is especially the case when I paint on fabric. I see you use perspex, something that sounds similar.

    BTW, thanks for the sweet comment on my file folders. It makes it seem less frustrating to get that type of recognition from a REAL artist.

  8. see you have been playing again, lovely selection, the last one is my favourite

  9. Wow you've done a lot. The middle one is my favorite. Love the more dramatic colors.

  10. I too am a gelliprint addict! love your work, as always!


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