Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just having fun

Today is the final day of AEDM!
Another face today.

I started this one with paint a few days ago, but ended up finishing with pencil.
I was experimenting with eye shapes and this experiment did not quite work.  The eyes themselves are good and I love the hair and the shading and lots of other parts, but one of the eyes seems crooked and her mouth is a bit pouty,  and I repainted several sections over and over, but overall, I learned a lot and know where not to go next time.

Happy creating!


  1. Actually, I like your lady, but I can see the things you mentioned. However, since I can't draw even simple shapes, I would be pleased with this.

    I've enjoyed meeting you this month and taking a look around your blog. It's been fun and I'll definitely be back to visit.

  2. I forgot to mention that you and I may have similar backgrounds. I was a researcher in a previous life. In fact, I still consult, although I prefer to make art, something I have no background in. I really enjoy the methodology of any experiment, and have been asked several times to design experiments for various research projects. Seems like we have more in common than sewing and other art. Unfortunately, I can't draw, so that's where the similarity ends (grin).

  3. I love the highlights in her hair. And I didn't see anything wrong with it until you started pointing it out ...;-) And still it doesn't bother me at all. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  4. I would be very happy to have painted this lady; she has a certain flair about her that speaks of her confidence and ability to take life and enjoy it to the fullest. (I don't see the things you mentioned, if they are there, then that is what makes her unique and beautiful).

  5. I think she's great. I especially love her hair!

  6. People pay a lot for pouty mouth or lips. I love the eyes and the highlights in her hair. Glad I found your site through AEDM. I'll be back to visit.

  7. wow the hair is so very real, rather like the pout too.Challenge complete you must be thrilled with all you did and I have certainly enjoyed following your journey


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