Sunday, December 1, 2013

Drawing again

Today I  did a lot of work in my Life book journal, which has been much neglected.
I did a few backgrounds.
This was my favourite

This was salt added to wet watercolour.  This is a very serendipitous technique.  Sometimes it works well and others not so much, but today it worked a treat!
I also did a journal page
The lizard just came to me and I had fun with it and scribbled all over it.
I also did a little watercolour
So I have been busy.

Happy creating!


  1. That background with added salt looks beautiful! And I love that lizard :-)

  2. the acorns are wonderful re the salt I use it a lot on fabric that I sponge with silk paints and love the effect it gives. Lizard has worked a treat too.

  3. Oh to be able to draw like you!


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