Thursday, December 5, 2013

Little booklets

This evening I have been playing with some recycled cardboard stuff.
I collect all the boxes from scripts and other packaging.  I love my medication boxes, because they are small and I end up with sets of boxes that can form books
the diagram above shows how I remove the ends of the boxes and flatten them to form a sleeve that I can put things in.

Here is my palette with acrylic paint and a sponge which I used to cover the sleeves.
Above in this blurry photo (sorry), you can see some  of the box sleeves and some tags which I cut from other card pieces.  I must say that the surface of the packaging is usually a bit glossy, so I sand the surfaces and wipe them clean a little before applying the paint.
Above, you can see some of the texture I got on these surfaces with the sponge.
I will work more with these, so you will have to check back to see how little books evolve from these bits of painted card.

Happy creating!


  1. That's quite some recycling you do here! Looking forward to your finished booklets!

  2. I love a good recycled box - I do the same thing with my soap boxes - they're a nice small size too. Love your start here...haven't used a sponge in awhile, maybe it's time....

  3. The textures are very cool! I'm very interested to see how these turn into little books!


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